Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

I am lovin' this weather we are having this year.  It is a little chilly outside, but since it is March I guess that's understandable!

Just got back from Zumba.  I love that class!  Anything that makes exercise fun is a winner in my books!  I come home feeling all energized...but hungry ...noooooo!  I don't like the hungry part!  Must find something healthy & filling to eat.

I finally tried my Amazing Grass yesterday...the chocolate one - of course!  I was going to make a smoothie - but didn't quite make it that far.  I got all the stuff ready...was going to do spinach, banana, peanut butter, Chocolate Almond Breeze & my chocolate Amazing Grass.  Well....I mixed the Amazing Grass with a bit of water first, as instructed, then I added in the Chocolate Almond Breeze & thought I would have a taste....ummmm...I drank it all!  So much for the smoothie! oops!  It was so good I had it for breakfast again this morning, only this time I added in some Bolthouse Mocha Cappucino protein drink. Yum!

I hope to get better at this blogging thing & adding pictures & all that fun stuff.  I enjoy reading so many others and seeing their pictures and stuff.

Gotta go enjoy this beautiful March day.  Have a great day everyone!


hrclark said...

Not sure if your using it but if now, windows live writer is a must for blogging. It makes it much easier to format and insert pics!

Nicole said...

Where do you go for your Zumba class??

Anonymous said...

I so sucked at Zumba when I tried it. LOL, I'm not the most coordinated person but everyone else I know loves it!!

Looking forward following your blog. :)