Monday, March 15, 2010

Exercise can be Fun....really!

I've been on this get healthy, lose weight journey since early January. So far I've lost about 17 lbs and I'm very happy with my progress. Until now, I haven't really been able to "get" the exercise part. I want to do it...but I guess it just boils down to being lazy! But, thankfully, I hope I am now breaking out of my "no exercise" rut! I have discovered ZUMBA. What a fun way to exercise!!! Now, I HATE aerobics! But for some reason I am loving ZUMBA. It is like fun dance aerobics to upbeat latin music...yes I said FUN and AEROBICS in the same sentence! If you have it in your area, you should check it out.

If you are in the Halifax area, check out

What is your favorite way to exercise?


Nicole said...

Right favorites are my 5mile WATP Gold's Gym Cardio boxing for the Wii and my Just Dance Wii game....

Fun MUST be present for me and exercise!!!!

strength faith hope said...

Congrats!!!! Exercise was always a part of my life whether it be running, walking, kickboxing, hiking or spending the day in the yard and gardens. is like a am so riddled with fear to start anything!! GAWD....I never in my wildest dreams visioned that I would be this blob at 50!!! I always visioned a hip, independant full of energy and healthy vibrant woman.
I have heard of sounds like fun. I am going to go find a dvd today and check it out. Gotty bring my son to school. Have a great day!!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I just started going to the gym regularly this month and I've really taken to it. I'm surprised because I've always been an anti-gym person, but it's fun. I've been trying to get into a Zumba class, but my schedule keeps getting in the way!