Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday....Again!

On a good note...this is a short week! Hello Good Friday!

This morning I had some Bolthouse Mocha Cappucino before I left the house. This stuff is so yummy...I could be addicted :0)

For breakfast I had some Fibre 1 Honey Clusters cereal with Vanilla Almond Breeze & a sprinkle of Omega Crunch flax (I love this combo!) and, of course, some coffee with milk & Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free French Vanilla Syrup to sweeten.

Lunch was a salad and a leftover BBQ Chicken Breast from last night, with Dave's Hot Sauce for dipping.

I forgot my Vitamuffin today (my totally saviour afternoon snack) so I had to have the other half of my "Maple Nut" Cliff bar for my afternoon snack. Poor me…NOT! This is the first time I've tried this flavour...and it won't be the last YUM!!

Supper was some Brown Rice & Lentils with some Veggie Patch Falafel. I’ve never tried Falafel before….I’d have to say I’m not that impressed! They were edible but that’s about it. I expected them to have a beanier (is that a word?) texture, instead they had a bready (again..word?) texture. All I can give them is an OK. I had them with Salsa, but still not that great!

Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

While I was eating, my cutest little big dog stole a Falafel off the counter (bad dog!)…but I guess she didn’t like it either, because it ended up on my bedroom floor….not so nice!

You’d think we never fed her!

Oh and I received my giveaway prize from Lynn over at Life, Health & Fitness. I can't wait to try my OJ. Thanks Lynn!!

And…I received my Chocolate Amazing Grass too…so of course I had to have some as soon as I got home! Who knew nutritious could be so good!

Happy Monday & I hope everyone enjoyed their day!

P.S. - Sorry for the sideways photos...haven't figured out how to rotate on here.  I had my blog all done up with proper facing photos on Windows Live Writer...but it wouldn't this is a do-over!!  I'll get it all figured out one of these days!


Jackie said...

Poor puppy...I think she needs a treat!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, glad you got your card! Enjoy the juice.

Nicole said...

Tee Hee...

I have that very same plate *S*

WhisperingWriter said...

I don't think I could eat that cereal.

I like cereals like Reeses Puffs and such :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the fact that you list what you eat. It gives me ideas for my meals. Thanks for sharing!

TJ said...

mmm you got some yummy stuff here! :) awww you have such a cute doggie too! :)

Anonymous said...

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